Postitive Feedback for hpc-ch

hpc-ch has been launched just one week ago and already 8 institutions and 18 persons have joined the community. More have declared their interest and will join in the next days. This shows that there is a really need in Switzerland for HPC service provider to exchange their experiences and knowledge.

We are still interested in getting new organizations and members. So if you know someone that could be interested, just forward the address of these web pages.

One member question has been where the difference between hpc-ch and SPEEDUP is. Speedup has a very long and impressive record track: In September they had their 38th workshop at EPF Lausanne with focus on Multicore computing and Parallel Languages.

hpc-ch and SPEEDUP have both their focus on HPC. Since SPEEDUP is focused on the research and scientific aspects of HPC, hpc-ch is focused on the deployment and operating of such systems. Have a look to the SPEEDUP activities:

The SPEEDUP workshops alternate in addressing a variety of sciences or research fields; molecular dynamics, environmental impacts, bioinformatics, and industrial applications are just some examples of the main topics. Although emphasis is put on applications requiring high-end resources, other types of compute- and data-intensive applications are certainly not excluded.