Welcome to www.hpc-ch.org, the web pages of the Swiss HPC Service Provider Community.

The goal of hpc-ch is to support and foster the knowledge exchange between providers of HPC systems at Swiss universities and industry. With hpc-ch we will be able to:

  • Know the offering and organization of other Swiss HPC providers
  • Exchange best practices
  • Coordinate activities
  • Discuss developments in HPC


The members of hpc-ch will meet two  times a year to discuss selected topics (Forums) during one to two days. The Forums are hosted on a regular basis by the members of hpc-ch. The focus and dates of the Topic Forums are defined by the end of a year for the next calendar year.


hpc-ch is formed by the following two communities:

  • hpc-ch Academia – Swiss universities and research organizations
  • hpc-ch Industry- Swiss companies using HPC resources


Members can be Swiss institutions from academia and industry providing HPC services. Each member is represented in hpc-ch by two persons who will serve as an interface. There is no membership fee, but the members implicitly agree to actively contribute to hp-ch and to regularly host Forums.