PASC21: A Dialogue Among Disciplines

We are really excited to announce this year’s Interdisciplinary Dialogue, which will feature Professor Peter Coveney from University College London and Yale University School of Medicine and Professor Erik Lindahl from Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The session promises entertainment and enlightenment!

Over several decades, scientific computing has delivered multiple outstanding success stories in hard physics and engineering applications. This has gradually expanded to fundamental life science applications such as bioinformatics, but one of the greatest challenges is how to replicate this impact for infinitely more complex systems such as entire cells, organs, or diseases. This is a fascinating area where the medical top-down phenomenological view is increasingly challenged and complemented by modeling and computational approaches. In this dialogue, Erik Lindahl will interview Peter Coveney about his career, passions and challenges in bringing physics-based and computational models into life sciences and medicine. What are the limits of models and computations? Will we be able to produce “digital twin” models of an entire human for research and disease treatment? What are the greatest challenges and rewards in a cross-disciplinary field, and why do biologists and physicians not love theory? 

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Registration deadline upcoming

We would like to remind you that registration for the conference is open and inform you that the deadline for registering is June 19, 2021. Program contributors are required to register for the event.

We invite you all to join us virtually in Geneva from July 5 to 9, 2021!

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The conference will be delivered via a digital event platform. Registered participants will receive an account to access the platform roughly a week before the start of the event.

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