Video of Scientific Data Visualization Tutorial at CSCS

The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) organized a Scientific Data Visualization Tutorial (April 21-22, 2015 in Lugano, Switzerland) with a strong focus on the open-source 3D scientific visualization application ParaView with a python-driven usage. Have a loot to the recordings of the different presentations.

Contents of the workshop

Day 1
Introduction, objectives
Matplotlib, a python 2D data plotting package
The VTK Data Model
VTKpython and numpy
ParaView v4.3, an open-source 3D data visualizer Overview
Data formatting for 3D Visualization
The Visualization Pipeline
Python Programmable Source (with numpy)
Python Calculator (with numpy)
ParaView client-server connections

Day 2
GPU-specific rendering
Coffee Break
Batch mode python programming
Visit: a complementary 3D data visualizer Overview
Specific features (Data Binning, Cross-Mesh Field Evaluation, Cumulative Queries)
Parallel and client-server connections
In-Situ Visualization (coupling solver and visualization)