Video from 41st SPEEDUP Workshop: Jack Dongarra on the Future of High Performance Computing

One of the main activities of the SPEEDUP Society is the organization of an annual workshop on high performance computing and related topics for the Swiss scientific community. Each year the SPEEDUP workshop addresses the latest advances in high computing technology, focussing on a specific application field, such as molecular dynamics, environmental impacts, bioinformatics, or industrial applications. Emphasis is placed on applications requiring high-end resources, but topics related to other types of compute- and data-intensive applications are also considered.

This September, SPEEDUP hosted a special workshop at ETH Zurich to celebrate its 25th anniversary, attracting more than 80 participants. The goal was to present and discuss the state-of-the-art in high-performance and parallel scientific computing with a focus on algorithms, applications, and software issues related to high-performance parallel computing.

Jack Dongarra, from the University of Tennessee, who spoke at the first SPEEDUP meeting, was invited back to give a plenary at this year’s event. His talk “On the Future of High Performance Computing: How to Think for Peta and Exascale Computing” (the first part of the presentation title is the same as 25 years ago!) is available in the link below. We’ll link to the presentations of the other invited speakers in subsequent posts.