Blog of a HPC system administrator visiting NERSC

Nicola Bianchi, a HPC system administrator at CSCS, had an internship at NERSC this summer. His goal was to exchange ideas and experiences with our colleagues in the Bay area (and to have some good time with his family in San Francisco…).

Nicola described his day-to-day life in a blog, and he summarized his internship at NERSC as follows:

As you know last Friday I ended working for NERSC.
I can say that this was an absolutely worthy experience, I guess the most inspiring for my career…
Be in the HPC field for me it’s already a great achievement for my professional growth and now being able to work in a different environment for a while has been really useful … useful to understand where I’m and where I want to go.

Work with such a kind of skilled and experienced fellows helped me to understand that there always is a different way to solve a problem or to approach a project … and yes, also that if even you think to be a geek there is someone more geek than you!

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