“Roofing Ceremony” for the new Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

On February 3rd, 2011 ETH Zurich and Implenia Impresa Generale SA are pleased to celebrate with the authorities the “Roofing Ceremony” for the new Swiss Supercomputing Centre in Lugano. This is a party that is traditionally thrown for the workers to celebrate reaching and completing the roof of a new construction. A successful roofing ceremony is meant to bring good fortune to the new building. It was hence a great pleasure to see nearly 300 workers turn up for this event and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

The construction project started in January, 2010 with the demolition of an old building (previous bus terminal) and the excavation work. The construction of the building shell started in August 2010 and finished on February 3, 2011 with a “roofing ceremony”.

As a special thanks to the workers CSCS produced a video showing the achievements reached so far.


Additional movie formats (Quicktime) »

The new data center offers 8’000 m2 for technical installation (2’000 m2 for the supercomputers) and 3’000 m2 for offices. The construction will continue in the next months with the interior work and the completion of the building front.

The new centre will be operative at the beginning of 2012.