Register to the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference 2014

In occasion of its 5th Anniversary, the HPC Advisory Council and CSCS are happy to announce that the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference 2014 will be a 4 day event. As usual the appointment is in the Lugano Convention Centre, Lugano, Switzerland, from March 31 through April 3, 2014.

The conference will focus on High-Performance Computing education, progress on Exascale, accelerators, high-speed interconnects, Big Data, HPC Cloud, OpenStack, storage and server advancements, new topologies, and middleware and communication libraries and, new this year, the first day will be dedicated to tutorials.

The conference will bring together system managers, researchers, developers, computational scientists, students and industry affiliates for cross-training and to discuss recent HPC developments and future advancements. Please make sure to register early to ensure your seat at the conference.

Deadline for registration is March 15th, 2014.

More details on a the agenda and registration are available here »