Lecture series on Computational social science at USI in Lugano

From e-mails to social networks, from credit cards to medical analyses: human actions in today’s world are characterised by data, by digital traces through which it may be possible to draw an extremely detailed profile of our behaviour. This is the field of activity of a new discipline called Computational social science that is growing in importance and that integrates computational with social sciences.

USI, having realised the relevance of this new sector and possessing high-level competencies both in computational and in social sciences, has decided to organise a series of public conferences on this topic. Eight of the worldwide leading experts in the field, who are active at prestigious research centres such as Harvard, Northwestern University, Aalto University, Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University and ETH Zurich, have been invited to Lugano Campus.

The conferences, whose exact date and time will be communicated soon, are coordinated by Prof. Alessandro Lomi of the Faculty of Economics and will be dedicated to the following topics: