PRACE Call for Computing Resources Open to Swiss Researchers

PRACE opened the PRACE 4th regular call for Tier-0 resources and DECI-8 (Distributed European Computing Initiative) call for Tier-1 resources on 2nd of November, 2011.

The call will close on 10th of January, 2012

The call is also open for researchers from Swiss universities and research laboratories. Switzerland is represented in PRACE by ETH Zurich as legal entity and by CSCS, the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre as project partner..

This call is the fourth PRACE-RI Regular call for Project access, inviting applications for high-end (Tier-0) computing resources to carry out projects which have high scientific quality and impact. Allocation will be for one year starting from 1st of May 2012. The call also invites proposals for project access to Tier-1 resources, via DECI, providing single project cross-national access to national (Tier-1) HPC-resources.

PRACE granted 721 million compute hours on Tier-0 systems in previous Tier-0 call

A total of 53 applications requesting 1.687 million compute core hours were received in the PRACE 3rd regular call, for one year resource allocations on the PRACE Research Infrastructure. 24 of these applications were granted 721 million compute hours on Tier-0 systems. The projects were chosen for their high level of scientific and technical maturity, expected impact, and demonstrated need for Tier-0 resources.

The projects are from the following scientific areas: astrophysics, chemistry and material science, medicine and life sciences, engineering and energy, fundamental physics and mathematics.

Allocations for Tier-1

54 proposals were received in the latest DECI call, and 35 of these were awarded 91 million processor core hours in total. The call was oversubscribed by more than a factor of 2.5. Due to the excellent quality of the proposals, the contributing partners increased the resources offered to the call by 11% over
the original commitment; however this still meant that many good projects could not be granted resources.