PASC23 Panel Discussion, Guidelines for Presenters, and Registration Deadline Approaching

The PASC23 team is delighted to highlight today the conference plenary panel discussion that will focus on the question: How Can We Enhance Inter-Community Collaboration? We also would like to invite PASC23 program presenters to carefully read the “Guidelines for Presenters” available to registered participants on the event platform, and remind those interested in registering for the event that the deadline is fast approaching (end of the week!).

A list of registered participants as of today, can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming you to Davos at the end of the month!

PASC23 program spotlight on plenary panel discussion

In line with the conference theme – Computing across Scales, Domains, and Communities – the plenary panel discussion, scheduled on Wednesday, June 28, at 16:30, is entitled “Better Together: How Can We Enhance Inter-Community Collaboration?

The panel will discuss how to aggregate and synthesize distinct sources of technique and insight to improve the fidelity, effectiveness, efficiency, and usefulness of scientific results at the frontiers of scientific computing.

PASC23 investigates harnessing multi-scale methods, operating on the basis of hybridizations of physics and data, to enable higher fidelity predictive capabilities, especially for complex phenomena with emergent behavior. Aggregating and synthesizing approaches from multiple domains, including techniques from modeling & simulation and data-driven disciplines, is essential to improving the quality and computational feasibility of results. Forming teams across distinct scientific communities, up to and including the social and cognitive sciences, has also become essential to improve how teams develop and use computational tools for research, and communicate results to the broader public.

The panel discussion will specifically address these and other relevant topics from various perspectives. Our panelists will help us explore themes such as scientific-software development, distributed heterogeneous computing and physics-based machine learning for multi-scale simulation, large scientific software teams in the pursuit of leading-edge scientific simulation, as well as the nature of scientific software teams.

On Stage

Eleni Chatzi (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) and Mike Heroux (Sandia National Laboratories, US) will serve as moderators and will interview the following panelists who will helps us explore the above-mentioned themes:

Hannah Cohoon (University of Utah, US)

Axel Huebl (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US)

Neena Imam (NVIDIA Inc., US)

Simone Pezzuto (University of Trento, Italy)

Additional information can be found here.

Guidelines for Presentations

The paper and minisymposium sessions will be held in-person at the Congress Center Davos with the possibility of digital participation via Zoom.  

When you registered for the conference, you received a confirmation of registration with an invitation to activate your profile (email from with subject line: “PASC23 Conference registration”). Those credentials will give you access to the platform where PASC23 will be held from June 26 to 28, and where session recordings will be stored post-conference. Zoom connection details will be provided from within that platform.

In-person speakers will also need to share their screens over Zoom when they are presenting. 

Please note that remote attendees will see presentation slides and will be able to listen to the talks and to the questions asked in the physical room; however, they will not see in-person presenters. Remote attendees can ask questions live (with audio and video where possible), or use the text chat to ask questions.

Technical information and guidelines for presenters are available to registered participants on the event platform after login with their credentials.

Registration deadline approaching

We are excited to welcome PASC23 participants in the breathtaking alpine landscapes of Davos in the end of the month! A list of registered participants as of today, can be found here.

We would like to remind you that the registration deadline is approaching and invite interested attendees to register by Sunday, June 11, 2023.

In order to assist PASC23 participants in their search for a hotel, we have made a room block booking at several hotels in proximity to the Congress Center. We have secured a limited number of reduced-rate hotel rooms, which are available on a first come, first served basis. Additional information can be found here.