PASC20 – End of the Year News

PASC20 keynote presentation

The theme of PASC20 is New Challenges, New Computing Paradigms, and we are delighted to announce a keynote presentation by Vivien Kendon (Durham University) who is a world leader in hybrid quantum and classical computation and how to exploit the best of both paradigms.

Quantum Computing: Prospects and Challenges
Quantum computing promises more efficient computation for some important types of problems, such as simulation of quantum systems, non-convex optimization, and (famously) factoring large semi-primes. However, the first useful quantum computers will be limited in what they can do. Applying them to bottlenecks that are hard for classical computers is key to extracting the best performance out of combined classical and quantum hardware. Interfacing different types of hardware brings many challenges, including mismatched timescales, incompatible data formats, and more complicated logic in the programme flow. The basic concepts that make quantum computing an exciting near term prospect will be explained for non-experts, and some of the more adventurous opportunities explored.

About the presenter
Viv Kendon is associate professor of physics at Durham University (UK). She has a PhD in computational physics from the University of Edinburgh, and worked in Glasgow, London, and Leeds before arriving in Durham in 2014. She is known especially for her work applying quantum versions of random walks to quantum computing. She has been developing quantum computing and applications for the past twenty years, focusing on the underpinning science of computation, and pushing the boundaries of computation beyond conventional paradigms.


Student Travel Grants offered by SIGHPC

We are pleased to end the year with some festive cheer: for next year’s conference SIGHPC will continue to support four travel grants to enable undergraduate or graduate students to attend the event. PASC20 will cover the corresponding registration fees.

Applications close February 21, 2020. Further information on the application process is available

Sponsorship packages available for PASC20

The PASC20 Organizing Team is pleased to invite organizations from industry and academia to take advantage of a range of sponsorship opportunities for PASC20.

PASC20 – to be held at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, from June 29 to July 1, 2020 – offers a great chance for organizations to gain visibility at a national and international level, to network with key leaders in the fields of HPC simulation and data science, and to showcase research and development.

The conference provides a global platform for participants from academia, research labs and industry to discuss the state-of-the-art in high performance computing simulation and data science. PASC20 brings together researchers from diverse scientific fields including chemistry, materials science, life sciences, physics, climate and weather, solid earth dynamics, engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, and emerging application domains. The conference builds on a successful history – with 430 attendeesfrom 24 countries in 2019 – and continues to expand its program and international profile year on year.

Kindly contact the Organizing Committee at to secure your sponsorship package!

Sponsors at previous PASC Conferences
PASC Conference partner sponsors at previous editions of the event include Inspur, Hewlett Packard Enterprise,IBM, the Paul Scherrer Institute, Cray Inc., DDN, Dell EMC, Intel Corporation, NCCR MARVEL, Microsoft, Novartis, and NVIDIA.

Happy Holiday Season

The PASC20 Organizing Team wishes you a Happy Holiday Season and looks forward to welcoming you to Geneva from June 29 to July 1, 2020.