Panorama View of Computer Room at CSCS

If you did not have the chance to visit CSCS in the last months, then you can be interested in having a panorama view of the computer room (thanks to Mario Valle for the picture).

As viewed from left to right: An old Dell PC used to demonstrate the computing power of a single CPU, a red power distribution unit, the Cray XE6 «Piz Palü», partially hidden behind the new SGI Altix UV «Rothorn» that is used for data-intensive applications, different storage cabinets behind a green pillar, the Cray XT5 «Monte Rosa» with its liquid cooling units in black, a «Green Revolution» cooling unit (using a dielectric oil to transfer heat), the Cray XT4 «Dôle» used as failover system for MeteoSwiss and finally some red and yellow power distribution units.