hpc-ch Forums in 2016: Save the dates

Dear members of the hpc-ch community,

2015 was a great year for our community. We had two successful Forums in Basel and in Geneva. Moreover, we participated in two international events, ISC15 (Frankfurt) and SC15 (Austin, Texas).

As 2016 is just starting, it is a perfect time to look forward the planned activities for this year. In addition to participating in ISC16 and SC16, we will organise two Forums, which are dedicated to important topics related to the operation of HPC systems.

Do not forget to save the dates as your participation is key to the success of our community driven events:

  • Intra- and Inter-Site Networking for HPC, hosted by University of Zurich, Thursday, May 19, 2016
    • Data transfer and high speed communication between sites
    • High speed networking
    • Cluster to cluster communication (jobs running on several clusters at the same time with inter cluster communication)
  • Technologies for HPC, hosted by EPFL, Thursday, October 20, 2016 (with a community dinner on October 19)
    • New systems architectures
    • HW performance for HPC (memory bus location, different CPU speeds, different techniques)
    • Accelerators
    • New X86 clusters, sparc, ARM

We would like to thank in advance the hosting organizations, University of Zurich and EPF Lausanne for hosting us.

Thanking you all for your important contribution we look forward to meet you at the 2016 hpc-ch Forums.