Follow-up second hpc-ch forum on OS and Installation Methods at EPFL

The second hpc-ch forum on operating systems and installation methods at EPF Lausanne on May 20 has been a great success with more than 35 HPC participants.

In the morning we have been welcomed to EPFL by Vittoria Rezzonico (sysadmin and local organizer) and Jean-Claude Berney (director of the IT services). Jean-Claude pointed out the importance of HPC for EPFL and the growing infrastructure needs to run the supercomputers. He also acknowledged the importance of our community giving the possibility to exchange knowledge between peers in Switzerland.

Vittoria organized for us site visits to the technical infrastructure and computing room at EPFL. Every think was very impressive and show how complex it is today to run data centers.

In later postings we will publish the slides presented in the different technical talks.

In different visits we had also a look to the technical infrastructure and the different computer room (both very impressive).

We would like to thank Vittoria Rezzonico and all the team at EPFL for the organization and hosting us.

Here below you will find some pictures of the day.

(Some) participants to the forum:

Vittoria in HER computer room:

Pascal giving information about the  IBM Blue Gene he is in charge of:

The diesel generator:

The batteries for the USP: