Common dinner hpc-ch and SwiNg communities

Lausanne is for two days the HPC and Grid center of Switzerland. In fact both communities SwiNG and hpc-ch managed to organize two very interesting meetings:

  • May 19th, SwiNG, Scientific Advisory Council 2010
  • May 20th, hpc-ch, Operating Systems for HPC and Installation Methods

We managed to meet for a common dinner in a restaurant downtown in Lauanne having a very good time and good food. If you love statistics: total of 21 participants, 7 from SwinNG, 7 from hpc-ch and 7 from both communities.

We would at this place thanks Dean from SwinNG for having invited all of us to the dinner. We really appreciated.

For the people leaving the dinner early: Yes, we had an additional meeting after the dinner until 2 in the morning having long discussions about life and system management.