Call for Registration: First International Conference on ICT for Sustainability ICT4S in Zurich

ICT4S is a joint effort of academia, industry, national and international organizations to take stock of the role of  Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in energy efficiency and sustainable development. How can we utilize the transformational power of ICT for making our world more sustainable? How can we really use  ICT to create more value from less physical input, to increase quality of life for all without compromising future generations´ ability to meet their needs?

Invited lectures:

  • Robert Laubacher, Center for Collective Intelligence, MIT, Boston: Harnessing Collective Intelligence to Address Climate Change: The Climate CoLab
  • Jennifer Mankoff, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh: Rethinking the Role of Feedback in Encouraging Energy Saving
  • John A. “Skip” Laitner, Former Director American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Washington DC: The Economic Imperative of ICT
  • Marko Turpeinen, Center for Sustainable Communications, KTH, Stockholm: Data-Driven Resource Management
  • Jean-Marc Pierson, Université de Toulouse: Energy Consumption from a Software Perspective
  • Daniel Spreng, ETH Zürich: Interactions between Energy, Information and Growth

Additional 40 speakers from 27 countries will present their submitted papers that have been carefully selected by an international program committee. Posters, workshops (including a PhD students workshop), a “Green IT” crash course and a “Green Hackathon” will complete the program.