Agenda of Next Community Forum on Parallel File Systems for HPC

Next October 28, the members of the hpc-ch community will meet at ETH Zurich to discuss about parallel file systems for HPC. 35 participants registered to this meeting and will give 9 presentations about this topic. In addition we will the possibility to visit the data center of ETH Zurich hosting Brutus, one of the largest Swiss HPC systems.

The presentations will be:

  • Parallel File System for Brutus; Teodoro Brasacchio and Adrian Ulrich (ETH Zürich/CSCS)
  • GPFS Use at the PSI Swiss Light Source; Heiner Billichs (PSI)
  • Parallel Files Systems at CSCS; Davide Tacchella (CSCS)
  • Disk Pool Manager Grid Storage Element; Szymon Gadomski (University of Geneva)
  • Finding the perfect filesystem for life sciences an impossible mission?; Roberto Fabbretti and Volker Flegel (Vital IT)
  • Experiences with Lustre in Bern; Gianfranco Sciacca (University of Bern)
  • Lustre based I/O on Cray XT systems; Jason Temple (CSCS)
  • The planned European OFS Cooperative Society SCE; Christian Bolliger (University of Zurich)