Advanced School on High Performance and Grid Computing

International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy, 11 – 22 April 2011

The school aims to bring together young researchers and PhD students with already strong knowledge in programming, HPC and/or GRID computing, and to provide them with key additional skills necessary to identify and use the right computing infrastructure, to run their numerical simulations and to solve computationally intensive problems. Topics will include: optimization and parallelization of scientific algorithms and codes, OpenMP/MPI hybrid programming techniques, advanced numerical tools and libraries, data management, GPGPU role in HPC, interoperability issues among different computational infrastructures, Grid computing, design and installation of medium size computational facilities.

The school will be held for a period of two weeks. The first week will be dedicated to an advanced introduction to e-Infrastructures for HPC and GRID computing, with the emphasis on their practical use. Theoretical lectures will be combined with the practical exercises in computer labs where students will practice the concepts discussed during the lectures. The second week will be dedicated to the work on short individual and/or group research projects by the participants. Also a number of short seminar lectures on advanced topics will be presented by HPC and GRID experts.

The participants are expected to work actively on their own specific computational problems, adapting them to the e-Infrastructure environment of their choice. Please note that the selection process will be based on the scientific relevance and excellence of short research projects of applicants, which have be submitted together with the application form. The prospective participants are expected to be experienced Linux users. Some background in using HPC and/or GRID infrastructure is needed to fully benefit from this school.

A number of grants covering accommodation and/or travel costs will be provided by ICTP to successful applicants.

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