Whamcloud and CSCS Sign Lustre Support Agreement

Whamcloud and CSCS have announced a Lustre support agreement.

CSCS has a Lustre-based scratch file system for their flagship supercomputer system, Monte Rosa, which is a 47,872 core Cray XE6. The file system uses the latest Intel Sandy Bridge server hardware, FDR InfiniBand and Lustre v2.2.

“CSCS is one of the shining stars in the European HPC community. We are thrilled to be working with them at the leading edge of Lustre technology,” said Brent Gorda, CEO of Whamcloud. “The combination of Cray compute and Lustre is a winning combination and affords CSCS and Whamcloud to focus down on metadata performance optimization and reliability for the benefit of the entire community.”

“When choosing leading-edge technologies CSCS must rely on a strong partnership with an industry leader for Lustre support. We chose Whamcloud because we see them as the premiere independent Lustre support and development company,” said Colin McMurtrie, Group Leader, National HPC Systems, CSCS-Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. “We look forward to a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship over the coming year.”

Whamcloud and CSCS will be working together to drive performance gains in Lustre metadata performance, tune and optimize the file system to get maximum performance from the back-end storage hardware, and undertake a continuous process to improve the reliability of the Lustre file system.