Video from 41st SPEEDUP Workshop: Helmar Burkhart on “A look back at 25 years of Speedup workshops”

Helmar Burkhart presented a review of 25 years of SPEEDUP at the 41st SPEEDUP Workshop. He discussed the beginning of supercomputing in Switzerland with the installation of a first Cray 1S at EPF Lausanne in February 1986 – enabled by Professor Hochstrasser – followed by a Cray X-MP at ETH Zurich and a Cray 2 at EPF Lausanne in 1988, and the inauguration of the Swiss National Supercomputer Centre CSCS, an autonomous unit of ETH Zurich, in  Manno, Ticino, in 1991.

Helmar then gave an overview of the topics discussed during the first 19 SPEEDUP workshops (their programmes are not listed on SPEEDUP website).