Video: Assembling of NEC Cluster “Mönch” at CSCS

CSCS is operating for professors of ETH Zurich a NEC Cluster called “Mönch”. Mönch is named after a mountain in the Bernese Alps, elevation 4107m.

The cluster is a 9 rack NEC-provided Intel-based system with 4 login nodes, 312 standard compute nodes, 24 large-memory compute nodes and 8 servers to provide I/O to Lustre. Each of the standard compute nodes consists of 2 Intel 10-core Ivy Bridge EP E5-2660v2 processors, offering 20 physical cores per node – with hyperthreading enabled, the system sees 40 cores. The nominal frequency of each CPU is 2.2 GHz, the effective frequency in turbo mode is typically 2.5 GHz.  Each compute node has 32GB of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM.