Two Swiss Finalists for the Gordon Bell Prize 2013

The Gordon Bell Prize is awarded each November at the annual  Supercomputing conference (SC). It recognizes outstanding and innovative achievements in applying high-performance computing to the sciences, to engineering, and to large scale data analytics. Candidates submitted their work by May 3rd, 2013, and  two months later, the ACM Gordon Bell Prize Committee announced the six finalists for the 2013 award.

Two Swiss projects have been selected as finalists:

  • Peter Staar, Thomas A. Maier, Raffaele Solca, Gilles Fourestey, Michael Summers, Thomas C. Schulthess (ETH Zurich/CSCS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory ) entered the competition with their work entitled “Taking a Quantum Leap in Time to Solution for Simulations of High-Tc Superconductors
  • Diego Rossinelli, Babak Hejazialhosseini, Panagiotis Hadjidoukas, Costas Bekas, Alessandro Curioni, Adam Bertsch, Scott Futral, Steffen Schmidt, Nikolaus Adams, Petros Koumoutsakos (ETH Zurich, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Technical University Munich) participate with  “11 PFLOP/s simulations of cloud cavitation collapse” .

This is not all for Switzerland, the paper “Enabling Highly-Scalable Remote Memory Access Programming with MPI-3 One Sided“, submitted by  Robert Gerstenberger, Maciej Besta, amd Torsten Hoefler from ETH Zurich, is finalist for the Best Paper and the Best Student Paper Prize, also awarded at the  SC13.

Is everyone ready for SC13 in Denver, Colorado on November 17th-22nd, 2013?

Then may the best teams win!