Third Workshop on Call For Paters: UnConventional High Performance Computing 2010


Third Workshop on

UnConventional High Performance Computing 2010

(UCHPC 2010)

August 31st / September 1st, 2010, Ischia – Naples, Italy

held in conjunction with

Euro-Par 2010, August 31st – September 3rd, 2010

Submission deadline: June 14th 2010

As the computing power of various platforms intended for games is increasing rapidly, they attract the interest of professionals in the HPC community. As an example, the modern graphics processing units (GPU) are often used for HPC in the so called field “General-Purpose computing on GPU’s” (GPGPU). Another example is the Playstation3 (PS3) that has a multicore architecture that lends itself for HPC. These platforms are not conventional HPC platforms, nonetheless they are used for HPC purposes and even clusters of such computing resources are being built with great success. Both the raw computing power and the relatively low cost compared to conventional HPC resources make them very interesting. The aim of this workshop is to focus on such unconventional resources for HPC. Only imagination sets the limit for what this kind of devices can be used for in HPC, also by forming clusters.

The word “UnConventional” in the workshop title emphasizes that the focus is on hardware or platforms used for HPC, which were not intended for HPC in the first place. So, in some sense we try to capture things in this workshop that are being done in an unconventional way today but perhaps will be conventional tomorrow. That is why the C in UnConventional is in capital letters.