Talks at booth 3756 on Thursday 20.11.2014

The Swiss HPC community hpc-ch and CSCS invite you to visit the “Swiss House of HPC” at SC14 in New Orleans at booth 3756, where you can meet Swiss HPC specialists and scientists, and get the latest news about HPC and science in Switzerland, together with some Swiss coffee and chocolate.

Among the novelties, every hour you will have the opportunity to follow a talk that show the excellence of Switzerland in HPC and world-class research. By participating at one of the numerous talks you will receive a nice and original gift!

On Thursday 20.11.2014 we will have the following talks:

10:30 Unraveling storage technologies at CSCS // Stefano Gorini, CSCS // Storage technologies are constantly evolving at CSCS along side computing resources. This presentation overviews current deployments of scratch and site-wide file systems that are composed of Lustre and GPFS technologies and will give a brief outlook of future.

11:30 User Lab at CSCS – CHRONOS and computing platforms // Maria Grazia Giuffreda, CSCS // The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre is run as User Lab and promotes and encourages top-notch research. Consequently, CSCS operates cutting-edge computer systems as an essential service facility for Swiss researchers. These computers aid scientists with diverse issues and requirements. This talk tries to give an overview of the services offered at CSCS, the allocation schemes, as well as who can apply, how and when.

12:30 Using GPUs on Cray XC30 for live viz with ParaView at CSCS // John Biddiscombe, CSCS // We will show a ParaView demo of Bonsai running on Cray XC30 “Piz Daint” at CSCS. A galaxy simulation is rendered live on the GPUs of  “Piz Daint” using the splotch renderer giving photorealistic images.

13:30 Revolutionizing material science research with NCCR marvel project // Nicola Varini, EPFL // Nowadays there is an urgent societal demand, such as in the fields of energy and the environment. Challenges include the development of materials that can harvest solar energy and convert it into fuels, materials that can store electricity to power the grid (or our ever-present portable devices), and lightweight materials that can be used to build more energy-efficient vehicles. NCCR’s goal is to accelerate design and discovery of novel materials via material’s informatics platform of high-throughput quantum mechanical simulations, powered by: advanced electronic structure simulations, innovative sampling methods, big data techniques applied to material science.

14:00 hpc-ch – How to create a community to support HPC activities in your country // Michele De Lorenzi, CSCS // We will show how to create a community to support and foster the knowledge exchange between providers of HPC systems in a country. He will do this with the help of the case study of a ground of professionals in HPC which decided to create a HPC community in Switzerland in order to know the offering and organization of Swiss HPC providers, exchange best practices, co-ordinate activities and discuss developments in HPC.

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