SDSC-CONNECT – Enhancing Discovery and Creativity with AI

SDSC-Connect 2020 will be a full day event bringing together researchers, innovators, industrial decision makers and data scientists to meet and discuss the enhancing of discovery and creativity with AI. The program will feature the latest AI applications with a potential to change industrial production and consumer experience.The focus will be on visionary examples of technologies and ideas that currently find applications in one or few industries but will be transposed to other industries in the future. The following themes will be explored at SDSC-Connect 2020:

  • Drug and therapy discovery, with deep learning applications to protein folding and other complex problems;
  • Aiding scent and flavor creation to complement human olfaction and taste;
  • Product design, with generative approaches to garments and consumer products;
  • AI in sports & leisure: how real-time match analysis, virtual coaches and generative storytelling are innovating the entertainment experience;
  • The “flipside of creativity”: deep fakes and their countermeasures.

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  • Miguel A. Otaduy, Director of Multimodal Simulation Lab at Univ. Rey Juan Carlos, Spain: Simulation and AI for a Digital Fashion World
  • Romann Weber, Head of Machine Intelligence and Data Science group at Disney Research, Switzerland: Data-Driven Models for Audience Understanding
  • Chiara Riccobene, Program Manager at MoxOff/Math&Sport, Italy: Real-time Game Intelligence: How Math Befriends Sport
  • Kean Walmsley, Software Architect at Autodesk Research, Switzerland: Research into Generative Design
  • Julien Hazemann, Computational Chemistry Specialist at Idorsia Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland: Can Deep Learning help design a new drug?
  • Cristina Kadar, Senior Data Scientist at NZZ and ETH Media Technology Center, Switzerland
  • Christine Chichester, Director Digital Labs at Firmenich SA, Switzerland
  • Marie-Valentine Florin, Executive Director of the International Risk Governance Center at EPFL, Switzerland
  • Nicolas Henchoz, Director of the EPFL-ECAL Lab, Switzerland

The event will take place at the Audi Max (Room HG F 30) at ETH Zurich, 8006 Zurich. All activities will will be carried out in the HG F 30 room.

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