PRACE Competition: The Most Innovative Industrial HPC Application in Europe

Open Competition at the 4th PRACE Industrial Seminar
16th & 17th April 2012, Bologna, Italy

The objective of this contest is to award the boldest industrial HPC application – we want to see how far one can take this technology in changing the present paradigms of European industry. This competition is open to all fields of HPC.

The conditions are as follows:

  • It is not necessary to take part in the seminar in order to participate in the Competition
  • The solution must pertain to industry, i.e. it must be possible to apply it in an industrial context with clear benefits – there must be a market potential for that kind of solution
  • The solutions must represent some level of implementation maturity – we are not looking just for ideas but rather for working solutions, although we will also accept those in early implementation stages

Application deadline: March 16, 2012

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