PRACE Call for Proposals Open until 22nd June

We would like to make you aware of the following opportunity within the PRACE consortium, with over half a billion CPU Hours of allocatable resource. If you wish to apply for a resource allocation under this scheme then please make sure that you can fulfill the necessary conditions including the scalability and readiness criteria.

PRACE Call for Proposals Open until 22nd June

PRACE – the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe – has opened a call for proposals for large-scale projects of high scientific quality.

Project proposal submissions are sought from academics who hold a position of senior researcher or higher and who are based either in Switzerland or in another PRACE Association member country or an EU country.

Tier-0 Resources

The call for Tier-0 resources has over half a billion processor hours to allocate on some of the largest systems in Europe, including an IBM BlueGene/P at Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany, a Bull Bullx cluster at CEA in France, and a Cray XE6 that will be installed at HLRS in Stuttgart, Germany.

Details of the call are available by downloading the flyer from the following URI:-

or by visiting the PRACE website at the following URI:-

The call for proposals closes at 16:00 CEST on 22nd June 2011.

Note that once you have read the documentation, if you feel that you have a suitable project proposal for Tier-0 resource allocation and wish to apply, then in order to begin the process you should visit the PRACE Peer Review site at the following URI:-

Tier-1 Resources

There is also a simultaneous call for access to over 50 million processor hours on PRACE Tier-1 resources at a variety of centers across Europe, with machines including IBM BlueGene/P and Power6 systems, a selection of clusters from multiple vendors including some hybrid systems with GPUs, and a number of Cray XT and XE computers.

Detail of this call are contained in the same flyer as mentioned above available at the following URI:-

Submissions must be made using the document available at the following URI:-

To apply for Tier-1 resources you then need to send a PDF copy of the completed document by email to<>
by 16:00 CEST on 22nd June 2011.