Panel on Experience of Using HPC in Meteorology and RAPS Forum

Some weeks ago we published a conference report from the 14th ECMWF workshop on HPC in Meteorology. At the end of the workshop ECMWF organized a panel discussing the experience of using HPC in meteorology.

A paper resuming the results of the panel is now available and can be downloaded from the ECMWF website.

Web Forum RAPS (Real Applications for Parallel Systems)

A web forum has  been set up for the RAPS (Real Applications for Parallel Systems) community including attendees of the recent 14th ECMWF workshop on HPC in Meteorology.

If you want to participate in the RAPS forum discussions you will have to register, to do this simply go to, and click on register (in the top right hand corner), where you will be asked to provide some basic information (id/pw/email address) and submit your registration. Registration could take up to a day to process, after which time you will receive an email confirming that your account has been activated.

Once activated, click on the forums button where you will be invited to participate in any of the current forums that have been set up, and with a few initial posts already made.

The forums are,

  • Parallel I/O initiative
    This forum should be used for developing a project for a portable parallel I/O library for NWP and climate modeling
  • Measurement tools initiative
    Discuss the design and implementation of a common lightweight measurement tools library
  • Fortran 2003
    Debate about Fortran 2003 usage
  • Fortran 2008
    Debate about Fortran 2008 usage

Some background to these forums can be found at the ECMWF workshop website, for the recent 14th ECMWF Workshop on the Use of High Performance Computing in Meteorology, and in particular a write up of the final panel session.