ISC’13 Introduces a New Industry Track into the Conference Program

ISC’13 communicated today the introduction of a new industry track into the conference program. With the introduction of some new program elements and sessions as single tracks in the 2013 program, the International Supercomputing Conference will offer attendees the most comprehensive four-day technical program in the 28 years of the conference.

Unlike the past few conferences, at ISC’13 the expected 2,500 attendees will not to have to choose between competing sessions in the brand-new Industry Track, which will run as a series of single sessions, parallel to the current conference track (formerly known as the official conference program), on Tuesday, June 18, and Wednesday, June 19.

ISC’13 – the largest HPC conference and networking event in Europe for scientists, researchers and vendors within the high-performance community – will be held for the first time in the historic German city of Leipzig from June 16 -20.

The goal of the Industry Track is to help attendees from the industry, who often have different computing requirements than those at scientific institutions, make informed decisions about acquiring and operating HPC systems. This newly established track will focus on engineering and manufacturing in industry, especially on helping the industry improve product design and time-to-market through the use of HPC. The talks are also aimed at spurring a dialogue between users, technology companies, hardware vendors, software vendors and service providers. Small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) will be strongly represented.

The following Sessions and Panels are planned in the Industry Track:

  • HPC provisioning concepts for the industrial sector
  • Independent software vendors (ISVs) and their HPC products for industry
  • Cloud HPC for SMEs
  • An invited talk about the common needs of engineering and scientific research in regard to HPC: “HPC-Accelerated Innovation for Industry”
  • An overview of the SME market
  • Many case studies, which will run on both days to give the audience an overview of HPC use in industry.

The full conference program will be available online on March 14, coinciding with the opening of the  ISC’13 registration, but in the meantime, visit to find about the ISC’13 topics, the exhibition and the various opportunities the organizers offer attendees to enable them to actively participate in this year’s event.

We remember that hpc-ch will contribute to ISC’13 with an own booth and this will be an ideal occasion to get informed about the latest HPC development in Switzerland.