Introduction to OpenACC and CUDA Programming on the Cray XK7 Platform – 18-19 February 2013

CSCS has recently upgraded its Cray XK6 platform to Cray XK7 by introducing NVIDIA K20x devices together with CUDA 5, and a new Cray programming  environment that includes OpenACC compilers. The goal of this 2-day training course is to introduce new features of the platform and its programming environment, and to provide hands-on training on CUDA5 and OpenACC programming. Course attendees are also encouraged to bring their own codes.

Course Instructors: Alistair Hart (Cray), Peter Messmer (NVIDIA), CSCS staff.

The deadline for registration is  February 11, 2013. 

Please visit  CSCS webpage » for registration and further details concerning the course.

Tentative agenda:


  • Cray XK7 platform (hardware details)
  • Cray XK7 programming environment
  • OpenACC introduction and roadmap
  • Programming exercises using the Cray OpenACC Compiler
  • Code development, debugging and performance analysis tools (OpenACC)


  • CUDA introduction and roadmap
  • CUDA 5 and Kepler devices
  • CUDA programming exercises
  • Code development, debugging and performance analysis tools (CUDA)
  • CUDA and OpenACC interoperability