Impressions from hpc-ch booth at ISC12

This year the Swiss HPC provider community hpc-ch participated in the ISC12 exhibition in Hamburg again. Like last year, our booth had a great success with a large number of visitors. According to our lead retrieval system (visitor batches scanned at our booth) we had a total of 189 different visitors, placing our booth in fourth place of all the exhibitors and first place of the small booths. The success was not only quantitative but also qualitative. We had many interesting discussions with our peers at other organizations, with vendors and with students.

For this exhibition we produced a 17 minute long movie about scientific visualization made in Switzerland. The visitors appreciated the high quality of the visualizations being shown.

hpc-ch has been the only booth representing the activities of a whole nation in HPC at ISC12. The visitors admired how we fluently communicated in English, German, French and Italian. In fact this was also inside hpc-ch a great success, with representatives from CSCS, ETH Zurich, EPF Lausanne / CADMOS, University of Basel, University of Zurich, Università della Svizzera Italiana, and Vital-IT working at the booth.

As a wrap up, we show a movie and some pictures taken during the exhibition.

In this movie Martin Jacquot of the University of Basel and Vincent Keller of EPF Lausanne / CADMOS discuss about the hpc-ch booth in ISC12. Martin has a technical background, and Vincent an applications background. They discuss the importance of representing both aspects of HPC at the booth. At this exhibition they liked presenting Swiss HPC activities and having direct contact with colleagues from other organizations and vendors.

And here are some pictures taken during the different phases of the exhibition (decoration, exhibit, dismantling).


hpc-ch would like to thank the following organizations for their sponsorship: CSCS, ETH Zurich, Università della Svizzera Italiana, University of Basel, and University of Bern.

See you in SC12 or ISC13!