I: “Introduction to OpenACC and CUDA Programming on the Cray XK7 platform” videos online

CSCS has recently upgraded its Cray XK6 platform to Cray XK7 by introducing NVIDIA K20x devices together with CUDA 5, and a new Cray programming environment that includes OpenACC compilers.  The goal of this 2-day training course was to introduce new features of the platform and its programming environment, and to provide hands-on training on CUDA5 and OpenACC programming.

The course instructors were Alistair Hart from Cray and Peter Messmer from NVIDIA. Overall the participants were very satisfied with the course organization, the instructors and the topics addressed during the course.

In the next couple of weeks we will publish the videos of the various tutorials presented during the course. The first and half day was dedicated to OpenACC and the remaining half day to CUDA.

After a short general introduction, this first post focuses on how to use the Cray programming environment, followed by the OpenACC basics and porting examples.

OpenACC Tutorial: An introduction (Alistair Hart, Cray)

OpenACC Tutorial: Using Cray Programming Environment (Alistair Hart, Cray)

OpenACC Tutorial: Basics (Alistair Hart, Cray)

OpenACC Tutorial: Porting Example (Alistair Hart, Cray)