Handbook of Research on Computational Science and Engineering: Call for Proposals

We are pleased to invite you to submit your proposals for the contribution of chapters to the “Handbook of Research on Computational Science and Engineering: Theory and Practice”.

CSE is an emerging, rapidly developing, and potentially very significant force in changing scientific practice by offering a ‘third way’ of carrying out research in addition to, or indeed, instead of, theory and experiment.

This handbook will provide a basic reference text for the fundamental elements making up CSE and showing their interdependence in a way that (a) reviews state of the art and  current achievements; (b) explores imminent developments that will advance the state of play; and (c) presents these in a form accessible to as wide an audience of interested parties as possible.

Details are provided on the book site http://www.cse-book.com/index.html and on the following PDF document: CSE-handbook-call-extended.

Mario Valle (CSCS) on behalf of the Editorial Board