GPU accelerated weather simulation code COSMO at CSCS Booth at SC15

On Wednesday, November 18, 13:30 Peter Messmer (NVIDIA and NVIDIA Co-Design Lab for Hybrid Multicore Computing @ ETH Zurich) will give a presentation about Interactive weather models on GPU accelerated systems at hpc-ch / CSCS booth #396 at SC15.

Peter will show the GPU accelerated weather simulation code COSMO running in live on the Meteoswiss system at CSCS with immediate visualization of the ongoing simulation. The simulation runs about 20x faster than real time with grid cells of 1km. The simulation makes it possible to modify the surface temperature and the wind direction in areas of the simulation domain.

COSMO1 Simulation 5 COSMO1 Simulation 3 COSMO1 Simulation 2 COSMO1 Simulation 1