Fortran Modernization Workshop

The Center for Scientific Computing at the University of Basel (sciCORE) is pleased to announce that the Fortran Modernization Workshop will be held on June 26-27, 2019 at the Alte Universität, in Basel (Switzerland).

Target audience and workshop goal

This two day practical hands-on workshop is aimed at Fortran programmers who want to write modern code, or to modernize existing codes, to make them more readable and maintainable, by encouraging good software engineering practices. This workshop will present how to integrate tools and techniques for Fortran codes to help you develop sustainable software for your scientific and academic research particularly in a collaborative environment. Overall, the aim is to make you a better and more productive computational scientist by improving your applied computer science skills that are directly relevant to computational science.

Topics will include

– Modern Fortran standards and how to write optimized and efficient Fortran;

– Overview of the new Fortran 2018 standard;

– NetCDF and HDF5 scientific file formats for data sharing in Fortran;

– GNU make to automate the build process;

– pFUnit testing framework for testing Fortran codes;

– Fortran Documenter tool for Fortran code documentation;

– In-situ visualization using PLplot in Fortran;

– IEEE Floating Point Exception Handling;

– Software verification and portability using the NAG Fortran Compiler;

– Fortran interoperability with C, Python and R;

– Introduction to parallelism for Fortran;

– Introduction to the NAG Library.


Universität Basel.  ‘Alte Universität’, Room -101 (first floor underground),  Rheinsprung 9,  Basel 4051.

Participation costs

This course is free of charge and open to anyone, including attendees not from Universität Basel.

Supplementary material

All material will be provided. Participants are expected to bring their own laptop. A WiFi connection will be provided (Eduroam is available). All practical sessions will be carried out through an SSH connection.


Basic knowledge of Fortran (any standard).


Wadud Miah, from the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG).

Schedule, travel, and registration

More information

Whom can I contact for more information or questions?

Please contact Wadud Miah ( for questions related to the workshop content, or Ruben Cabezon ( for questions related to the workshop logistics.