Fast Parallel I/O on HPC Systems and CRAY XMT Programming Courses at CSCS

CSCS is pleased to announce the following two courses that will take place in Manno during June.

Fast Parallel I/O on HPC systems – 9-10 June 2011

Improved scalability of parallel computational kernels in modern HPC applications frequently exposes the time taken to access data storage devices as the major continuing bottleneck to further scalability increases. Many applications serialize data output through a single processor, and this limits their ability to take advantage of the full capabilities of the fast storage systems attached to modern HPC machines. This course looks at the capabilities of modern HPC fast storage infrastructure, the filesystems that are designed to make efficient use of this hardware and the most frequently used parallel libraries that allow applications to spread the I/O load across multiple processes and provide good read and write performance on these systems.

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CRAY XMT Programming Workshop – 16-17 June 2011

Over the next few months CSCS will introduce the Large-Scale Data Analysis service which will incorporate data staging and storage facilities and a number of complementary computer architectures for data analysis, including a new Cray XMT2 machine. The goal of this course is to familiarize the students with the new Cray XMT architecture and enable them to start programming it for maximum performance. This course will be given by Cray personnel with a vast experience of developing applications on massively multi-threaded architectures.

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