D. E. Shaw Research – Information Session in Zurich on December 11th, 2014

D.E.Shaw Research has organized an Information Session in Zurich on December 11th, 2013 from 17:00 until 19:00.

Please feel free to participate in the event if you are interested in learning about the Institute and their research. All details are attached below.

D. E. Shaw Research – Information Session

Date: 11 December 2013
Time: 17:00 – 19:00
Location: Widder Hotel (Rennweg 7), Zunft Stube

Refreshments will be served.

About the Talk

D. E. Shaw Research is an independent research laboratory that conducts basic scientific research in the field of computational biochemistry under the direct scientific leadership of Dr. David E. Shaw. Our group is currently focusing on molecular simulations involving proteins and other biological macromolecules of potential interest from both a scientific and a pharmaceutical perspective. Members of the lab include computational chemists and biologists, computer scientists and applied mathematicians, and computer architects and engineers, all working collaboratively within a tightly coupled interdisciplinary research environment.

Our lab has designed and constructed a massively parallel supercomputer called Anton specifically for the execution of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Each Anton computer can simulate a single MD trajectory as much as a millisecond or so in duration — a timescale at which biologically significant phenomena occur. Anton has already generated the world’s longest MD trajectory.

Join us for an overview of our work on parallel algorithms and machine architectures for high-speed MD simulations and a description of the simulations that have helped elucidate the dynamics and functional mechanisms of biologically important proteins. We will also discuss job opportunities at our group.

About the Speakers

Dr. Stefano Piana-Agostinetti

Stefano Piana-Agostinetti develops methods for accurate and efficient simulation of biomolecular systems. He earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from the International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste, and holds a B.S. in bioinorganic chemistry from the University of Florence. Previously, Stefano was a researcher at Curtin University in Perth and held postdoctoral fellowships in Switzerland at both EPFL and ETH Zürich. His scientific research interests have focused on the use of ab initio and classical molecular dynamics to study proteins, DNA, crystals, and organic catalysts.

Dr. Michael Bergdorf

Michael Bergdorf is involved in the design of algorithms and software related to Desmond, a software package developed at D. E. Shaw Research to perform high-speed MD simulations of biological systems on conventional commodity clusters. Michael received a Ph.D. in computational science and a B.S. in mechanical engineering and computational science, both from ETH Zürich. He came to D. E. Shaw Research from the Computational Science and Engineering Laboratory in Zürich, where, as a Postdoctoral Researcher, he developed multi-resolution particle methods on multi-core architectures and used them to study angiogenesis and turbulent flow.