CSCS Evaluation of RamSan-70 SSD Device – Highest IOPS Ever Measured

CSCS evaluated two PCIe attached SSD devices manufactured by Texas Memory Systems in terms of I/O bandwidth and IOPs. One of them is the recently launched “RamSan-70 Gorilla” card designed by Texas Memory Systems. This new card delivered the highest IOPS value ever measured at CSCS.

In June 2011 CSCS already presented performance numbers for two PCIe SLC Flash cards built by FusionIO and Virident, both with an x8 data lane configuration. Up to 200K IOPS and 1.6GB/s Bandwidth were reported in this earlier study.

In August 2011, Texas Memory Systems provided the RamSan-20 card and the new RamSan-70 card. CSCS repeated all benchmarks (IOR, FIO) described in the paper from June 2011 with these flash cards.

The results are summarized on a Test Report published by CSCS.