Call for proposals for 5th PRACE Project Access and Multi-year Access (Tier-0) and synchronized DECI-9 Call (Tier-1)

We would like to make you aware of the following opportunity within the PRACE consortium.

PRACE Call for Proposals Open until 30th May

If you wish to apply for a resource allocation under this scheme then please make sure that you can fulfill the necessary conditions including the scalability and readiness criteria.

  • Opening date: April 17th, 2012
  • Closing date: May 30st, 2012, at 12.00 CEST
  • Allocation start date: 1st November, 2012
  • Allocation period: 1 year for Project Access and DECI, 1+1 year for Multi-year Access
  • Type of access: Project Access and Multi-year access (Tier-0) and DECI (Tier-1)

PRACE – the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe – makes it possible for researchers from across Europe and the world to apply for access to Tier-0 HPC systems via a peer-review process.

This Call also invites proposals for project access to Tier-1 resources, via DECI, the Distributed European Computing Initiative, providing single project cross-national access to national (Tier-1) HPC-resources

Project proposal submissions are sought from academics who hold a position of senior researcher or higher and who are based either in Switzerland or in another PRACE Association member country or an EU country

Details of the call are available on »