2nd Workshop on Programming Models for Emerging Architectures

The 2nd Workshop on Programming Models for Emerging Architectures will be co-located with the 19th PACT conference in Viena, Austria.

Current trends in computer architecture incorporate many cores into a single chip some of which can be specialized heterogeneous accelerators. This makes it difficult to program without knowledge of the underlying architecture. The workshop goal is to discuss improvements in programming models  that allow to reduce the programmability gap for emerging architectures (e.g., manycore, heterogeneous or hierarchical computing, …). On one hand, the programming model expressiveness can be increased to improve the productivity on such architectures. On the other hand, new runtime optimizations for existing programming models that allow a program to adapt better to the underlying resources is possible.

Topics of interest to the workshop, in the context of new emerging architectures, include, but are not limited to:

  • Programming models extensions
  • New programming models
  • Compiler transformations, optimizations and support
  • Runtime techniques, dynamic adaptability, and OS support
  • Methodologies for programming
  • Architectural support for programming models
  • Application cases with new programming models